Renee Prisble creates drawings, sculpture and installations inspired by biology and natural systems. She incorporates natural forms and unpredictable processes with precise design elements. The design elements respond to and define the amorphous relics of process and nature. It is in the relationship of these two elements that Prisble finds meaning in the work. Like a scientist, her work develops from a series of processes, but the rules and precision of scientific discovery are replaced by a playful and chaotic approach. Her process-based approach to making stems from a love of experimentation with materials. As a result, her work typically expresses itself in series and multiples.

She earned her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998, and her MFA from Alfred University in 2002. She has shown in the U.S., including at The International Museum of Surgical Science, The Polish Museum of America, The Freedom Museum, Perimeter Gallery, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola University and The California Institute of Integral Studies.